Bundesliga Thread


Why would he do that when he can do what he did in fact do? He’s got much more freedom and power to choose his career moves now, and Arsenal have much less (precisely: none). Can hardly blame him given the ridiculous choices we made with him (West Brom) and potentially with his fitness (shambles that our club was injury wise before the reform after 13-14). In every way not signing a contract with Arsenal, if he wasn’t convinced he was going to be an important member of the squad as he should’ve been, was a better decision for his career.

When did I say that? I didn’t.

People really have short memories. First of all it’s logical he’d be a bit better 3 years older and more mature (his first couple starts were a bit nervy as to be expected, though the quality was obvious), but in his few starts that season he scored the winner against Swansea, won the winning penalty against Palace, produced a man of the match display against Spurs in the FA Cup, and had another fine display against Aston Villa. All these when we were very much in the thick of the title race (I repeat: at the age of 17). In the spring he was rightly preferred to Podolski before a few more players got fit and he got injured.


Because he’d be contracted at a better club, getting payed more and would have one foot through the door already to playing time at a top club if he performed well out on loan or at the club.

Even his father said so himself during the summer that he would have preferred if he stayed at Arsenal and fought for his place.


Slight exaggeration on my part, given how fixated you are on him for a long time now.


indeed. :smile: as you alluded to; he is better now than he was then.




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It is a photoshop making fun of them shipping 8 goals to Bayern today. :neutral_face:
Then again, the picture is older, it probably even refers to the last time they got 8 (february 2015). :joy:


top bantz. :sleepy:


Imagine the embarrassment of conceding 8 goals in one match


Some poor Hamburger out there will have trained it the entire way across Germany and back four times in the last seven seasons to see his/her team hit for 5, 8, 8 and 9.

You’d just give that one a miss each season surely


Yeah but don’t forget this is in a weak league.

Bayern don’t have the quality of Roonaldo and Youngadona


Shit hamburger.

Probably need more relish and some cheese.


…And again :laughing:


The guy is to handballs what Suarez is to biting people. :joy:


That was unexpected…


Shame… back to Wenger doing it all on his own.


we will get simeone for that position and Allegri for manager next season…and then we will get Griezmann and Lewandowski and…:henry2:


Mario Götze remains sidelined, metabolic disturbances diagnosed

Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund will continue to be without midfielder Mario Götze for the time being. The 24-year-old World Cup winner has continually suffered with muscular problems in the last few months, prompting a comprehensive internal investigation into the possible causes.

Those investigations revealed the player has metabolic disturbances, rendering it absolutely necessary to withdraw him from team training for the time being. “I’m currently undergoing treatment and will do everything in my power to be back in training and helping my team to achieve our common goals as soon as possible,” Götze said.

“We’re happy to have now uncovered the reasons for Mario’s difficulties and are convinced that his extraordinary abilities will give us additional quality once he has completely recovered from this,” emphasised Borussia Dortmund’s Sporting Director Michael Zorc, who continued: “Mario has the full backing and maximum support of everyone at BVB during his recovery!”


It sounds serious.


He’s eating too much. Dortmund will put him in some boot camp where a guy with a buzz cut wearing camo pants will call him “Götze Pyle” and yell at him 24/7, chasing him through countless obstacle courses. That ought to motivate the fat fuck.


Hopefully with a slightly different outcome, if you’re Gotze :eyes: