Granit Xhaka (34)





I’m not even sure if that’s racist and if so I really doubt he would have known it is in English language as the equivalent in German isn’t. That doesn’t make it ok and he should know better but that should be it after he apologizes.


Being white doesn’t make you immune to racism towards other white people.

Guy is a fucking idiot as far as im concerned.


Eagerly awaiting the “why racism towards white people is a problem too!” right wing hot takes.


Racism towards white people is a problem too.


I genuinely had a conversation once whereby a lady told me i didnt understand racism because i was white, and that my ancestors werent sold as slaves.

I shit you not.


Someone calling me a white cunt dosent affect my life in the slightest and that’s the difrence

Non white people have to actually deal with the affects of racism on a daily basis


Most probably trying to scam for money, FFS grow up.


Thats you as an individual though mate. Racism is equally as wrong no matter who you are, where you are from or what you look like.


You can choose to be offended by it or not but either way it dosent actually affect your life

You don’t get profiled by police

Women don’t routinely clutch their handbag to their side because they assume you are going to try and snatch it

It dosent affect your ability to get a job or reach the highest echelons of your chosen profession

I could make a list as long as my arm but I’m sure you get the jist

It may upset you but it dosent affect your daily life


I agree.
Anybody can use my race, my sex, my religion to insult me, but I don’t see there is any difference if people just call me asshole, or dumbass, or loser…
Whatever people call you, it is up to you to take it or leave it.

If this affects you finding a job or something like that…that’s another case


You are making a lot of assumtions and sweeping generalisations. To outright state that someone you have never met hasn’t been affected by racism is poor form from you Kaner.

Especially when I can tell you that have experienced first hand racism. To the point where i was almost hospitalised for it twice.

But hey ho. White privilage and all that. All white people are princes, all minorities are paupers and all that. Right?

Edit: we live in a world where google is at our fingertips. Id imagine you are browsing the forum on your phone right now. There really is no excuse for being so ignorant.




That’s why we have the terms institutional racism and systemic racism, to differentiate between that and simple racism. In the West white people can’t suffer from systemic or institutionalised racism, and it’s this kind of racism that matters most because it massively affects people’s lives. But white people can be subjected to racism on an individual basis, because anyone can be subjected to prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against them because of their race and due to someone else thinking that their own race is superior.


My guess is she was just really pale and she was also a real ho so I’m totally down with that swaggy language from my man ‘Tan like’ Granit Xhaka.


Bad boys take no shit.


I’m very sorry to hear that and Obviously the people that did that to you are racist cunts and I understand how that type of experience would colour your judgment regarding racism

you must realise though that anecdotal evidence can be found to support even the most wrong oppinion in the world?

Also what assumptions and genrilisations did I make exactly?


Bad boy Xhaka :heart_eyes:


I’m not happy with the club response here. Every Arsenal player represents Arsenal all the time, they have a very fortunate position. To be an entitled bully who thinks they can abuse someone who’s merely doing there job is unacceptable and he needs fining and a slap or 2 too. Also what an absolute braindead prick he is.

Yea they can, it’s rarer but it happens.


Of course anecdotal evidence is what it is, i don’t expect you to to even believe me tbh. But just hope that given our time interacting on here that you understand my one example isn’t isolated to me or even hugely uncommon where i’m from.