Héctor Bellerin (2)


Feel for him and Iwobi, our fans are pricks.


Not sure what’s so hard to believe, it could be an issue that needs to be resolved via surgery but doesn’t hinder him playing.

Quite like a player with a long standing issue playing on injections which happens frequently, I wouldn’t put it past Wenger at all.

Ideally he would be given a break or short respite but he’s being made to play every game, something similar has happened with Kos iirc.


If I were in the stands I’d almost feel like he was mocking me by doing it.



So perform. It’s as simple as that.


Speaks English very very well Hector.


They really should have stuck with the radio silence. This is worse than the Djourou-led pieces about how the team had to do better.


They are all captain obvious to the rescue :xhaka:


The absolute cheek of Wenger. His management of a once great player has been terrible - playing him when he is clearly not 100% etc. And then he comes out and says Bellerin shouldn’t play for the Spain U21s this summer because he needs to rest! You bloody rest him then!


All because Wenger has beef with Debuchy


Another strange choice. If he isn’t 100% fit to play because of an injury, why he is on the pitch every week and Debuchy (or Jenkinson) are relegated with the U21?



Got a haircut. :giroud:


The one bit of Arsenal related news I care for tbh :clap::back::on::top:


Praise the Lord. I’ll never boo him again


Thank God, for all reasons.



New trim…


Oh dear God. It’s gone from bad to worse!


im cannot wait to boo that cunt. what is that.


Looks almost as bad as Post Malone.