Héctor Bellerin (2)




The first one is a fake by Rio Ferdinand, while the second is real. Guy’s a weirdo!



YES! Love it! Rip into our shit fucking players. Kick Bellerin and all the other shit players out from Arsenal. We don’t want fucking pussies! Just men!


Two prats.


Is he still here?


You have 11 posts in here tonight Luca, why have you picked on Hector out of all the players? :joy::joy:

Under a new manager he would be incredible


He is cocky, dresses like a prat and i hate his cockney slang. His mind is not up for football.

However, i am gonna pick a player each day until Wenger leaves. That’s my only consolation 'til the end of the season.


Great reasoning Luca :+1::neutral_face:


Under a new manager, Sanogo may be great.
I don’t want “if”.
When we see the new manager, we will know Bellerin, Iwobi and other youngsters will turn good or not.
Right now, they are not good.


Do you really think he could improve under a new manager? He just doesn’t care about us and football. Fashion is more important for him.


There is no point talking to you when you are in one of these moods.


I am happy for you if you are not angry :ok_hand:


Bellerin plays almost every game and rarely gets injured, not bad for someone who only cares about fashion… it’s just an off the pitch hobby for him


He plays almost every game and not improving a bit… Shouldn’t he stay a bit low profile on his hobby(ies)???


No he has a life outside of his work like you and I do.


I have an office job, and my boss doesn’t care what I do after work of course.
If I fuck up my job, while still posting a lot online, showcase my off the work hobbies in high profile mannar, sure my boss will give me a lecture.

Face the reality.


He is not Best who could not train for months because he was too drunk to do it and still perform at high level.
A ruthless manager would stop him from doing all this shit fashion stuff.


You do really like bad and cocky boys, right? Shame we are talking about football. We need players 100% focused.


“Sorry guys, i can’t cross because my new Armami shoes don’t allow it” :rofl: