Héctor Bellerin (2)


I don’t see it as PR, this is no club sanctioned community visit to Great Ormond Street. He’s doing it off his own back because maybe he doesn’t spend 100% of his time outside football at fashion shows (:roll_eyes:), he’s just a lovely guy and not all footballers are lowlifes like Joey Barton etc

Well done Bellers! :blush:


Just because it isn’t club sanctioned doesn’t mean it can’t be PR. He has his own representatives and we all know footballers like to think of their personal “brand”

Not weighing in either way on whether it is PR or he’s just a lovely bloke, as I neither know nor care, but I don’t really see your logic for why it isn’t a PR move.


Ok then well, if it is PR, what does it matter in any case? The cameras may simply be there to show the rest of the world that it really happens, following the reports carried in the wider press showing the girl with the banner. THAT didn’t start life on Bellerin’s instagram did it. Anyway, the primary benefit is for the two kids getting to see their hero, talk of Bellerin doing it to inflate his ego somehow is both overly cynical and misses the point of what he’s done


I didn’t say it does matter if its PR, just didn’t agree with the logic that because it isn’t club sanctioned it’s not likely to be PR. You disagreed with sevchenko saying it’s good PR so you seem to think it matters as much as anyone else tbf.

It makes him look like a good bloke who cares about his fans (again, not saying he doesn’t) so that is good PR as a matter of fact.


It seems dishonest.


Nothing wrong with it, tbh. Now he needs more of it and less fashion.


Ah well best he doesn’t do such staged and selfish things like that again then, it’s probably not worth the judgment he’s going to get online


Yeah I’m sure hell be crushed by sevchenko’s damning indictment of him


Their social media accounts are the PR vehicles for famous people. His bio nonetheless says @Pumafootball athlete on instagram.


It seems you’re being sarcastic, but you hear all sort of stories about so and so footballer getting out of their car to play football with kids in the park or have a little dance etc. that makes their day without them shouting about it on instagram.

It’s like that guy who shared the picture of hims mum texting him "omg thx son!’ when he paid off her debts (I think it was Tyrone Mings) like he needed the world to know that he did that when it’s what most people would do if they were on 20k a week.

I’ll give Hector the benefit of the doubt though as a young guy who probably puts everything fun he does on Instagram and thought people might like to see after he asked for their help to find her.

But it’s still good PR and it’s worked. It’s inspired fans to come up with such lines as

Really don’t get the hate this guy gets from certain fans.

While we’re roughly on this topic I’d like to come down on the other side of the fence and say I don’t like this shitty trend of TV cameras catching “XXX CAN I HAVE YOUR SHIRT :orange_heart:” and then XXX being almost expected to do something about it (I know this one only wanted hers signed which is fine)


I guess there’s a murky line between sort of ‘showing off’ and just being proud. Maybe Tyrone Mings comes from a poor background and is really proud he’s reached a point in life where he can pay off his Mum’s debts. Couple that with the addiction the yoof have to Facebook and Instagram and you maybe get a situation where it looks like the young footballer is showing off but really that’s not his intent


He should be tbf. There is a strong disparity in wages to performance ratio and that bothers me :sweat_smile:



Honestly, he has dodgy style and I tend to prefer super-professional football-obsessed stars, but you can’t help like this lad… he isn’t a great footballer and we may need to upgrade there, but I still like Hector.


It’s a bit unbecoming for an Arsenal player to trash talk a Watford player like that. Get over it, you play for Arsenal, they shouldn’t be on your radar.


hah Hector liked a picture of Rita Ora posing in her bra on Instagram. Give this guy the armband he is one of us.


A guy you mean


If you aren’t going to post the pic fuck off


Fuck off and fuck off again… (Fuck off x 2) :stuck_out_tongue: