Héctor Bellerin (2)


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Not totally against this but then a RB would be needed also. It all depends on if we can won Europa and get Cl football.




We have to sell Bellerin before we can buy more players?

I see the club are pleading poverty again, before the transfer window has even opened.

Perhaps we could get the players to go to their local shopping centres, with a harmonica and a dog on a piece of string, and start busking to earn a few quid if we’re that hard up.


Do not agree with selling Bellerin at that price at all.

If we are looking to sign a proper replacement, the prices of Mendy / Walker show that that will be extremely difficult. We should be prioritising signing the £15m “next big thing” to challenge Bellerin, not replace him.

Should 100% stick with Bellerin and watch him thrive under new management.


I agree.
Players like Bellerin, and others like Mustafi, Xhaka, Elneny, etc, were very good players before coming here so rather than sell them it would be easier and cheaper to see if they start performing better under a different manager.


There’s a few players this ‘watch them improve under a different manager’ line actually applies to more than others.

The tag applies less so to Ramsey and Hector considering to Wenger’s management style and tactics suit them.

I think if we actually bought some competent RB competition in, Hector would be exposed for average he really is. He’s a poor to average defender and his attacking qualities blow hot and cold. He’d probably find success in ball dominant top team team


If the club wants to continue falling away from the top 4 then selling Bellerin would be another excellent move in that direction


This is, frankly, a load of rubbish.

Ramsey’s best recent football - at the Euros - has come under a different manager. Bellerin’s best form has come as he broke into the team and thus had yet to be ‘Wengerised’.

I also contest he would be succeed more in a more ‘ball dominant’ team - he has been found wanting against teams that sit back against us, exposing positional deficiencies in his game on the break.

In short, I completely disagree with your post.


This part is totally unnecessary and OTT

It’s ok to disagree with other posters but there no need to use expletives in disparaging peoples posts. It’s unfriendly and creates a negative environment for current posters and negative impression for prospective user lurking the site contemplating signing up

You should apologise