Héctor Bellerin (2)


Okay - apologise for the swear word, but stand by everything else in the post.


It’s pretty clear Ramsey’s performance at the Euro 2016 was good because of the way Wales set up. Him and Bale were given a much freer roles in the side to allow their attacking qualities to flourish.

The 8 other players, who are essentially of championship and bottom half PL quality, were very regimented and picked up their slack to allow their best two players more freedom. You put Ramsey in the current West Brom XI you’d probably get similar output in terms of performances to what his did at Euro 2016.

Even Ramsey’s biggest fans will admit his Euro performance don’t and can’t translate to a club like Arsenal, it’d be ridiculous to build the team solely around him.

Ramsey is one of the players who actually benefits from Wenger’s lack of instruction under other managers we’d have alot more midfield security, his licence to go forward would be limited

Hector is another one who benefits from Wenger’s lack of instruction. Thing is with Bellerin he’s been massively overrated by Arsenal fans because of his attributes and likability.

Wenger main faults with him is that he he’s failed to bring in credible competition to force him to improve and innovate, he knows his place is safe and he was rewarded with a £100k contract, where’s the motivation to improve? This is why his attacking play has floundered and his defensive limitations have become more apparent.

I’d also say he’s being over played too tbh, fatigue build up has affected him

This ‘Wengerised’ concept is nonsense


I’ve put your points re Ramsey in bold - this just doesn’t make sense. Ramsey’s would have the freedom to move with a more cohesive 2 behind him.

Lee Dixon discussed at a recent AST meeting words he’d had with Bould regarding Bellerin’s positioning and it’s detrimental effect on the team. This is something that could be coached out of him by a more rigorous manager. Your point re competition I had already made and I completely agree with.


In today’s market, selling a RB of Bellerin’s quality who has 5 years left on his contract, for only £50m would be a bigger travesty than when we only got a fiver for Szczęsny.

I personally wouldn’t consider selling Bellerin for any fee at all. But some people will tell you that he is shit because he spent 5 minutes on his hair this morning.


I’m not sure what your confusion is tbh.

The 3 man midfield is Wenger’s way of making the midfield more secure so Ramsey can do his go forward without it hurting the team. It’s further evidence of his willingness to tactically accommodate one of his favorite players

To this day he simply can’t be trusted in a midfield two which is what we need to be going back to ensure we get the best out of a centrally placed Ozil, who should be the only player who has licence to do as he pleases.

Hector is a poor defender which is not unsurprising considering the type of FB he is. His pure defensive skillset will always be suspect regardless of who the manager is imo.

Players who tend to do well in Wenger’s system are highly intelligent ones who understand the game well enough to negate physical limitations and the lack of instruction from Wenger. Santi, Arteta and Mert come to mind. It’s not easy to coach defensive awareness and intelligence into a player

Hector is passed the age where you can coach things out of him. It’s likely a different manager would outright tell him to limit his forward runs and be more conscious about things going on in our half.


Bellerin isn’t a poor defender.

This place is starting to feel like r/gunners.

Bellerin is a good (not great) player, at a great age with a long contract. There’s not many players we can say that about in the squad, would be stupid to sell unless he really pushes for it.


At the moment he’s not far off from being a poor defender that’s heavily reliant on physical attributes, sure there are mitigating circumstances but you can’t gloss over his last couple of seasons.

However, selling doesn’t make sense unless the club have identified a relatively cheap and quality replacement of similar age and since that’s doubtful we shouldn’t be selling him off to “raise funds” which is ridiculous anyway.

A new manager should get the chance to mould him and if it doesn’t work out fair enough.


Sell for what??
This is why the club is setup for failure…
We don’t even have a replacement lockup, but already planned to sell…
Feeder club mentality.
Don’t tell me Chambers is the replacement.


He has not become a technical fullback I expected off him.
Very one footed, far cry from youngster who scored a curler against Liverpool with his left foot.


No, he has not. I know some people like @PPB and @SDGooner disagree with me but he looked much better technically with the youths and at the beginning of his Arsenal career than what he has subsequently shown. I’d still like to see him under a new manager and regime, he’s still young.


Huh, he definitely looked much better earlier in his career. These days I’m happy if he can do the most basic things better than Walcott did.


Maybe I confused you with SDGooner as you both generally like to pose a contrary opinion just for the hell of it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but I seem to remember you saying he was never a particularly technically able player.


He never was, he’s just gone backwards on what little technique I thought he had, which somehow has been happening to more players than just him. I don’t know if it’s a confidence thing or if bringing a new manager as you say could solve that. I wouldn’t be opposed to at least try the latter before ultimately deciding on his future as he is young and still has a reasonable long contract.


Right, that’s where we disagreed. I felt he had above average technique for a RB in the early stages of his Arsenal career.


I don’t think Bellerin’s technique has worsened past of what is natural for players out of form and low on confidence.

I he’s another victim of the dumbification that Wenger is having on the team. He like others (new signing and old ones), are regularly picking the worst option on both possession and without the ball.


Gucci boy has been good today. He has dominated the right flank so far.


Sorry for being ignorant…
Isn’t Gucci mainly a brand for bags, wallets, belts, shoes??? Not really into fashion??

Emporio/Georgio Armani, Hugo Boss, Salvatore Farragamo are more like “fashion” brands to me…


Yeah, you are right.

Armani boy :wink:


Gucci does shoes as well now and clothing


You are way too easily convinced Luca. :smile: