Jack Wilshere


I think he is saying to Wilshere:

“I’ve told you before, stop blowing off underwater”


Wilshere’s been sent on an all expenses paid holi…er I mean ‘warm weather training camp’ in Dubai ahead of the new season :laughing:

Possibly the biggest waste of my ST renewal money I’ve yet come across


Maybe there is some hot shot doctor out there we want him to see.


He’s kept really quiet on social media, wonder if he already knows he’s leaving Arsenal and is pissed. Or he’s not allowed to congratulate us while he’s still a Bournemouth player.


Probably too busy chilling in a Dubai swimming pool with a cigarette on his intense rehab programme that we’re paying for :smile:


His days are numbered now we have Xhakyboy playing in his role :joy::joy:


If he’s not aware enough to be a CM and not productive enough to be a number 10, could he have a legit role as one of the attacking mids in the new front 3? Not to start, but as cover maybe. Right now if we had injuries I’m not sure who’d get the shout there. Iwobi? Ramsey?


Iwobi or Gnabry.


At this point I think his best position is at CM, excelled when played there for England.


Will most likely be earmarked as the Sanchez replacement if / when our transfer plans fail to bear fruit :grimacing:


Got a lot of time for Jacky boy but we need to be serious with positions more than ever now. Xhaka is clearly the player trusted with those long diagonals and Ramsey seems to pose a real threat as a b2b. Not sure he will be kept and he might think himself that he’ll be better off elsewhere now given our depth there.


I be very surprised if he’s kept on, I can’t see him breaking into the first team under Wenger but maybe a new manager he could work his way back into first team contention. I think it either depends on if Wenger is staying or going, if he really feels he wants to fight for his place. With the loan spell, I got the feeling that I don’t think his love for Arsenal burns as bright it once did and he probably needs a new start somewhere else, I think he be sold on this summer.


He’s been active on instagram. Mainly just posting pics about how hard he’s training in preparation to return for next season. He will be nice as a squad player. Xhaka can’t play every game.


people getting upset with him on twitter for not congratulation the team on winning the cup…
an old boy from here.


That tweet doesn’t really show upset with Jack.


what’s wrong with it?


His bio doesn’t say anything about Arsenal Football Club. It used to.

People on Twitter getting themselves into a tizzy thinking it’s a sign he’s off.


meh not bothered anyway. Not good enough for us anymore and injured too much.


If he hadn’t wanted to go on loan I think he’d have signed a new deal by now. Might only have played 15-20 times for us this season but that would have been enough to get him signed up again.


He’s probably coming off a 36-hour bender with his mates at the Dubai Hilton and hasn’t realised the cup final’s been played yet