Olivier Giroud


Everton’s style of play would suit Olly so well.


Lukaku makes life difficult for defences though. The Everton fans will realise the difference straight away.


He is a PL experienced striker, who has played at the highest level, and is the first choice for France.
He might be thirty but it’s not as if he has to rely on his pace and he is not injury prone either.

Also, there will be several clubs that are interested in him, including West Ham and Everton, as well as clubs in Europe.
We should be looking at getting at least 30m and reinvesting it in a replacement for Sanchez.



Good move for him if true.

Sell him off and get in Iheanacho in addition to Laca and we’'l be laughing at CF.


Is there any reason to believe Iheanacho would be allowed to come here? Is it the hope that if we sell Sanchez to City he would come the other way?

I’m a big admirer of Iheanacho - has that knack for scoring that you just can’t learn.


I don’t see why not especially if we let Sanchez go.

The sticking point would most likely be a buy back clause that they are determined on inserting which is deterring clubs from signing him.


Hi all,

Please have a read of my post regarding our striking options for next season.

Let me know your thoughts as always.


Yes Ollie!


As long as he’s ready to ride that bench.


We need multiple forwards capable of 10-30 goals. If Lacazette/Alexis haven’t scored after 70 minutes, throwing Giroud on alongside them and starting to bombard the box with crosses could push us over the line. Lacazette goes through a dry spell, Giroud gets a start and he’ll go on a scoring run. Giroud’s goals dry up and Lacazette comes in and goes through a scoring run. If Giroud we need more forwards coming in that are better or equal.


He’s a moron if he thinks this has been a good journey.

A coach who’s never had 100% faith in him in five years, that’s been enough for players to go in the past. I guess if his options are West Ham, Marseille and Arsenal then Arsenal are still his best shot at some kind of trophy.


It’s highly unlikely he’d have played as much at any other big club. If he played for a smaller club there’s no way he’d have won 3 FA Cups. All in all being at Arsenal has been a pretty good deal for him so I think “good journey” is a perfectly apt description tbh, especially as “good” is a pretty mild superlative.


For a player of limited ability and talent, he has had a brilliant career.
To go so many seasons as the undisputed first choice for one of the biggest clubs in Europe and playing CL football every season, is some achievement.

Every transfer window that we didn’t get a better striker must have been amazing for Giroud.

But it’s not his fault he had so many seasons as our starting striker.
He should stay and do what he was originally bought for, as cover for a top quality striker.
Lacazette might not be quite what we have waited so long for, but he is better than what we have, and he and Giroud are a decent first and second choice for us.


He’s had a lot more faith in him than he should’ve so he has every right to be pretty happy about his luck, as @JakeyBoy says.


When you consider we’re talking about someone of Giroud’s profile how can it not have been a good journey?

What other top club would he have joined and played as many games as he has winning some trophies along the way? For someone like him that’s been on the grind from the second division in France to becoming a full fledged France international whilst playing here his time at this club has got to be best of his career despite the shortfalls.


If he is happy to be plan B then all good.



We are gonna have the best attack in the league next season :giroud3:


Giroud and best attack in the league in the same sentence lol.

Oh dear.