Olivier Giroud


Great goal in a shit game


To you, dear Jade :hipster:

Nice goal though :wink:


Wasn’t about him coming off tonight lol it was a moan about him playing 90 tonight where Laca only ever gets 60!!

Read it better :wink:


Had a disastrous game and then comes up with that delightful finish 5 minutes from time, that’s Oliver Giroud for you.





Honestly my favourite player at the club and that is solely for non footballing 100% banter related reasons.

The occasional golazo is the cherry on top



This is why he’ll go down as one of the most overrated players in Arsenal history, because he has a number of memorable goals and flick assists. He has a penchant for the spectacular, now and then, and it helps cover up what is, when you watch him game in and game out, a very flawed player.

Today, for instance, it’s hard to put too much down on him because the team picked and the formation and the way it played on the pitch was just a joke of gargantuan proportions, but then again, since we were playing with a set up which basically resulted in a constant Wilshere Walcott and Giroud 3 v 5 in a bit of space well outside the area, we probably would’ve threatened earlier if we had a more mobile player in his place.

In short, pretty crap player in a pretty crap team loved by the crappiest of managers.


I don’t know how he is going to be over rated.

No one over rated him now.
And when he leaves, no one will even talk about Giroud, let alone talk about him in an exaggerated manner.
He is going to disappear in Arsenal’s history; neither overrated nor even rated.


@Electrifying is probably in this camp already. He thinks Pele is a fraud :grin:


There aren’t many Arsenal players of such limited ability, in such an important position, that have played for the amount of seasons as he has, as the undisputed starting striker.

He will be remembered as a decent player who tried his best and scored a few great goals but would never have been the number one choice for any other big club, for so long, other than under Wenger.


I mean the way we debate the ability of people like Ray Parlour, Wiltord, Hleb (though I don’t like too much to put Giroud in this company), etc. etc.

He is overrated if you read the hyperbolic defences of him on this forum.


Pele goals in Europa League - 0
Giroud goals in Europa League - 2


Pele’s goals were all friendlies and exhibitions…fraud. :crossed_fingers:

Pele explains his play style… :wink:


I think you were one the Giroud-defenders in the past… :stuck_out_tongue:
It was another nice goal by Giroud though.


Excellent tweet by Norwich


I interpret more/less the way people interpret the defense/criticism of Theo…

“he is sh*t”

“umm, you are just biased against him, he offers some useful things”

Reality is, I don’t anyone really thinks EITHER of them is good enough as starter for top club but it is perfectly debatable whether EITHER belongs in the club as a squad option.

Personally, I am not an aesthetic fan of the the Giroud-type striker, but I do find myself occasionally feeling he has been useful.

I think the notion that the defense of him here (at least the vast preponderance) is somehow over the top is exaggerating in of itself.

I don’t think anyone would put Giroud in a legendary category for Arsenal. Having said that, the guy has amassed 70 league goals, 13 FA Cup goals, 2 League Cup goals, 14 European goals, and 1 “other” in his 5+ seasons for us… that isn’t nothing. If I’m not mistaken, Theo has 107 goals in 11+ seasons with us.

Anyway, these sort of debates about fringe players are silly - we are the titanic man… Theo and Ollie are deck chairs…



That should be a top 5 goals of all time for the Prem–one touch at its finest.