The Randomly Nothing thread




Online Arsenal search queries so far:


C’mon OA let’s get “Happy Dragon” trending in the search.


Interesting read!






No idea where to put this, so i’ll just post it here:

I guess that’s of interest for @Calum @Mysty and @Cristo (probably forgetting someone)


Oh fuck yessssss


Me? Haha I’ve never found her good looking at all! Must be thinking of someone else


[quote=“PPB, post:28, topic:366”]
(probably forgetting someone)
[/quote]Yeah you forgot the main man who loves her the most @Gio :smiley:


Ah, yea right. I should make a note.

Damn it… Gio hasn’t been around a lot lately. Knew Cristo was a fan though.


Played FIFA as Arsenal against Barca.

Ozil with a hat trick - ALL HEADERS.



Yeah sorry @PPB just so busy all the time and tbh I’m bored of football lately. Milan is a fucking embarrassment and the euros were a snooze fest. Manutd or Chelsea are gonna win the league and I can’t fucking stand that anymore.


Finally earned a “Nice Post” badge! Lately I’ve had 3 or 4 other posts that were mostly 1 like away from earning this badge and then I never got anymore likes from these posts, typical :sweat_smile: But finally got the magic 10 likes for one post at last. It’s a momemtus day on OA.


keep up at the back. I’ve got three :wink:


JakeyBoy x10


Him and @Midfield_Maestro just say the things people want to hear.


Pretty sure when @Electrifying finds time to spam this place with gifs he’ll be up there too in no time


[quote=“shamrockgooner, post:38, topic:366, full:true”]
Him and @Midfield_Maestro just say the things people want to hear.
[/quote]Future major material


A part of me misses that guy.