Yacine Adli


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Sounds like he’s a big talent, at least twitter and PSG fans are waxing lyrical.

Big Sven signing all over surely. Although people saying Emery wanted him.


Not really fast, but his touch looks fantastic.

When he becomes really good we will send him back to P.S.G. for 200 mil :kos2:


Or hopefully tell them go fuck themselves and put a 500m release clause in his contract :giroud:


Kroenke is a greedy cunt. Can’t wait to make a profit :xhaka:



Imagine if our rb, cb and cm signings are Lichtsteiner, Sokratis and Adli.


This make me fucking lol :sob:


Play him in the League Cup, then send him on loan.


This could be a very good signing.
I wouldn’t mind a few more of these, as long as we get some genuine ready made, top quality players as well.


We won’t get those.


We are fine upfront. We need to strength at the back and in the middle. Think Emery wants a hard-tackling midfielder.


This is a signing I’m very happy with, gotta admit.

Still sont trust the fat Catalan three fideuás a day cunt but Sven be HITTINtat



PSG youth, probably an Emery signing :unai:





I’ve been following Adli’s career for 7 minutes and can confirm that he is a future Ballon d’Or winner


How the fuck is he 17?!


Stylistically Draxler would be great. He has very nice technic, yet he always leaves me a bit underwhelmed.


Basically the next Zidane.


Ballon d’Or winner 2025 :sunglasses:


Gets a response from Emery: