Arsenal in negotiations for sleeve sponsor


Please don’t be something shit


I’d pay £12m to not have anything on the sleeve.


I think we should go down the games route like Everton. I’m voting for Super MARIO world, but instead of a picture of Mario we should have a picture of Yoshi instead :grin:




More important to improve our shirt and kit sponsors, with the shirt deal we’re £30m a season behind Chelsea and £45m behind United. Also Man City are about to renegotiate and will probably go above us as well. Sleeve sponsorship is a relative drop in the ocean


£12m a year is still nothing to scoff at though and it’s clear we’re working on a new kit deal


Football tops are going to end up looking like nascar plastered in sponsors


we end up with something like McDonalds golden arches on our sleeve :gabriel: :gabriel: :gabriel:


Goal understands that discussions are at an advanced stage between Arsenal and an unnamed Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) service that would see them surpass Premier League rivals Liverpool, who signed a £5m-a-year (over five years) sleeve sponsor deal with Western Union at the start of the season.

Could be worse hope it has a nice logo


it could be the poo emoji for all i care.


would fit our current performances perfectly